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LAST UPDATE: Sun Nov 23, 2014


2014 AFA Election Results

Election ballots were counted on December 2, 2014 by a teller's committed made up of non-candidates.

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November 2014



Vanguard SPECIAL EDITION: November


2014 AFA election ballots have been distributed. 

  • Completed ballots must returned by US Mail and postmarked…

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Paul Guadagnino's Smear...

I don’t know if I were meant to receive a copy of Paul Guadagnino’s smear, which he wrote on his website, but I did receive it.


It was the worst piece of demagoguery and un-American cant yet…

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The membership has voted unanimously to reject the BOT's offer. They also voted unanimously to sign individual course assignment contracts and continue working while the leadership endeavors to negotiate…

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                                           May 22, 2014


Dorlena Dunbar, Associate Vice President
Nassau Community College
One Education…

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